Tree Slice Art

We used tree slices for some of the decor at the wedding reception, and I had one piece of wood that wasn't used. So I decided to "play" for a couple of hours the other day. Ironically, I did this mostly while talking on the phone and catching up with Hannah.

I painted a Tree of Life illustration using gouache and a Micron pen. I'll put a couple of screw eyes on the back and length of wire, and it'll make a unique little wall hanging.

I'm thinking about making more. It was fun!

Play Day

I took some time away from the computer today to play with watercolors and colored pencils. I probably had too much work to do, but I did it anyway. I've had this blog for about 5 years now. Where has the time gone?! I don't think I've changed the banner image in all of that time. So that's what I did today—I painted a new banner. It didn't make me any money or give me billable hours, but I had a nice break in a quiet house to play. I think I need to do that more often!