New Challah Cover

The blogosphere to the rescue! I wrote a blog post last week about the challah cover project I'm working on and asked at the end if there were suggestions about hemming up a dozen of these. I didn't even think anyone read this darn blog, but lo and behold, I got such a helpful comment. Thinking the black fabric was maybe too dark, I went out and got a navy broadcloth—on sale for half price!! I cut it up into a bunch of rectangles and sewed one set up, and flipped it. SOOOO much more finished and shaped better than the first and faster, too! And, the navy is much nicer than the black. Many, many thanks The WoodLand School, first of all for reading my blog, but most importantly, for sharing something so obviously simple and improved!

Now, back to sewing up those dozen or more covers, flipping and ironing. But, now I feel ready to teach this project to the class!