New art added to my website

Becoming an artist before the advent of the great world wide web meant that I didn't have the opportunity to take classes in web development. And since I insist on learning things the hard way buy doing them myself, I haven't taken classes since then. That sometimes means that I don't get it right the first time.

I just realized that my website didn't include some of my most recent paintings. I thought they were there, but I guess I never double-checked. Today I realized I'd updated the pages but they weren't on the website. So, I've taken a couple of hours to fix things. Lo and behold, the latest paintings are now here. The two bottom rows are the newest (or not so new since I haven't painted in a while).

I've also had quite a few inquiries about using an image for a bar or bat mitzvah invitation or program. If you are interested in that, just let me know and I'll give you the pricing info and how to go about getting a high resolution image for print reproduction.