A Letter to Dad

Dear Dad,

Is Uncle Irwin with you? I hope so, for so many reasons. I hope the two of you can come to terms with the things that happened when you were both young and on through the years. I hope you can both make peace with the things that were said and done and the things that weren't.

I hope you can hug him for me and tell him how sorry I am we didn't talk in the last couple of weeks. I hope that he can explain to you that we are all made in the image of God no matter who or what we are and that we should be be exactly who God intended us to be.

I hope he can tell you how much we all miss you and think about you. I hope he tells you about Hannah and Rachel and how amazing they are and how much you'd love them and be proud of them.

I hope you're all there together with God and that one day I'll understand God and what our lives mean.

I hope Uncle Irwin knows that I loved him and that I would've come to help if I didn't think he'd really rather I not come.

I hope you know how much I love you and always will.

I hope someday I can hug you both myself and tell you so.