St. Louis Rocks!

Hannah, Limor and I had an incredible weekend! The conference was amazing.

Rabbi Karyn Kedar—wow! What a great speaker. The Sunday morning speech was moving and emotional. She likened the creation of the universe to a "birth" and spoke about all people being created in the image of God with some kind of creation as our purpose for being. Rabbi Kedar connects with her listeners as she speaks in quite a commanding way. It was a truly valuable experience.

Another was the lunch keynote, by Judy Chicago. Judy Chicago is one powerful woman in a very small package. A feminist, Jewish artist for many decades, Judy has created groundbreaking artwork in a wide variety of media and exploring social situations relevant to today. Her work on women in history is a fascinating study of women's place and influence in history and is an bold achievement is recreating a part of history that has been erased. She has also spent many years traveling, studying and documenting the holocaust experience, again seeking to put a face on the women who had been erased from previous accounts. A brilliant woman creating profound art!

It was a privilege to be showing my artwork at this venue. And, I was astounded by the wonderful, warm response by the attendees. I continue to be blown away by hearing comments from those who enjoy my work and choose to purchase a piece so that they can live with it on a daily basis. As always, I am so pleased to strike a chord in someone's heart with my artwork. There can't possibly be anything more satisfying than "birthing" a new creation from your heart and mind, and then to have it appreciated by so many other people. Thanks to all of the women who stopped by to talk about my work and take a tiny piece of me home with them.

I was so busy from beginning to end that I sadly didn't have time to take any pictures to document even a small part of the warm atmosphere in which I was honored to display and share my art.

Limor, thanks to you for the quickest trip to St. Louis and back that I've ever made! Filling the time with excited conversation made the time fly! We are great partners and have really got this whole thing down. Your enthusiasm buoys mine up and keeps me going. I love you.

Hannah, having your experienced help made all of the difference in the world. I couldn't have done it so smoothly without you. It was so nice to have our "slumber party" and stay up talking until the wee hours, then spend the day with you as you openly shared your pride in me and my work. Thank you so much. I love you, too.