It's been a long day...


But, I have gotten quite a bit accomplished in honor of National Progress Day (March Forth!). In addition to making and packaging loads of print reproductions, printing, trimming and scoring cards, soldering pendants and doing some 123Print design work, I also designed three new cards for my own line.

I've had lots of requests at shows for sympathy, get well and birthday cards. So, these can now be crossed off the list of to-do items. I may try to find a few minutes to post them on Etsy tomorrow.

Still want to do a boy new baby card and a more masculine birthday card (and I'm sure there are others that just aren't coming to this tired mind). However, looking on the positive side, I did get lots of work done, and if the others don't happen before this weekend's show it's not the end of the world. And, right now it's bedtime! Sleep tight.