It's been awhile...

…longer than I realized. I haven’t posted in over a month now. After working 12 hours today, I don’t have much energy left, but I can add a few pics. These are a couple of new paintings I’ve done recently….

I’ve sold quite a few paintings lately. The Omaha Jewish Arts Festival was very successful and Boulder is coming up fast! I have to make time to paint some more, but the paid work sure is nice to have. I may have to go back and revisit some themes just to have paintings without investing lots of time in conceptualizing. Not the ideal situation, but being so busy is good and I can’t complain.

I packed up two more paintings to get sent out today. What a bittersweet time–knowing I’ll never see the piece I’ve invested time in again, and yet knowing that someone else, a complete stranger, will get pleasure from my work. It’s still always hard to say good bye.