Illo Friday: Red

This coming Friday, February 2nd, is National Wear Red Day. It is the beginning of Heart Month and is aimed at raising awareness of heart disease and stroke in women. I am a survivor of heart disease. Just over a year ago, on January 16th, I suffered a heart attack 10 days after my 45th birthday. Before this happened I had no clue to the time bomb ticking inside my chest. I had three stents implanted in my heart and a year later I am so much healthier. I exercise at least five times a week and eat a very healthy diet, which has helped me to lose 53 pounds. And, I intend to keep up the regimen so that I will be around to see what course the lives of my teenage daughters take and to enjoy sharing that with my husband for a very long time.

How appropriate that the theme for Illustration Friday is red. The red dress is the symbol of the American Heart Association’s movement to get the word out about this often-misdiagnosed disease, which is the number one killer of American women. Join me in taking care of your heart to improve your health and live a longer and stronger life. And, please wear red next Friday.