Jewish Mandala Painting

Mandalas (the Sanskrit word for “sacred circle”) are used for spiritual healing, meditation and concentration, and are found in many Eastern and Western cultures. The circular images convey universal concepts about the cycle of life, eternity, oneness, wholeness, integration and harmony.

At one of the Integrated Arts meetings we briefly touched on the subject of mandalas and I was struck by the universal spirituality they express. I began to be very preoccupied with the mandalas in my sketching for paintings. The structure and symmetry provide a wonderful skeleton on which to construct my art, and probably appeal to the graphic designer in me. What a brilliant direction to travel with the spiritual art I’ve been developing.

This mandala is the first step at the journey down that road. The word in the center is the Hebrew word “Shalom” and it is surrounded by a bright and shining Jerusalem praying for peace. I have so many other ideas swirling around in my head that I don’t know where to go next, but I do like the direction I’m headed.

Prints are available at my Esty store