Class Assignments

I'm so enjoying the class I'm taking. Just the thing I needed to recharge and loosen up. I just decided to play hooky for a little bit from all of my work and knock out a fast one. This week's lesson is Straight to Pen with Blind Contour—no pencil sketch first. I jumped right in, even though I hated blind contour in school. I also went back to the Waterbrush after having switched to my regular watercolor brushes for the last several pieces.

Here's the result. Jane was right—the loose line quality of the drawing certainly did promote looser feeling in the painting. Guess you can teach an old dog new tricks. Maybe I won't hate blind contour anymore!

Sketchbook Watercolor Class
Sketchbook Watercolor Class

Here are the last couple of images from the Lesson 2 assignment—Green Leaves:

I got the date wrong on this last one. Oh well. :-[

Ok. Back to the real work...