50 Years and Counting...

Today is the first day of my 50's. I certainly don't feel 50 inside—really only half that age or so.  I like that my birthday falls at the beginning of the year—it is the perfect time for a fresh start, thinking about goals for the year to come and reflection on the year just that's just ended.

My amazing family felt that a big celebration was in order this year. After all I've reached the half century mark and also maintained better than excellent health with the 5th anniversary of my heart attack just 10 days from today. So Boyd, Hannah and Rachel put their creative minds together and planned an excellent birthday event, highlighting my life and loves. They started the evening off with coloring! Each partier was given an outline of my Blossoming Soul painting and a box of crayons and was asked to color a sheet for me to keep! Such a great idea! Everyone colored away while munching on delicious food, and now I have a stack of coloring pages I'll cherish. I thought it would be fun to post one a day here—sort of like "They Draw and Cook" it'll be fun to anticipate each day's posting. (And besides that, it'll give me almost 30 days of blog content!)

So, I start today with the woman who started it all—my wonderful, supportive mother, Anne Jacobs, who brought me into this world and nurtured my creative passions from day one. The stroke she suffered 15 years ago makes coloring difficult, but it hasn't affected her ability to share the love and support she gives to me and our family.

Mom's page
Mom's page

As for that reflection on the past year and the looking ahead, well, here goes... The year 2010 was significant in a big way, and much of the year was spent getting ready for and recovering and catching up from the day my first baby got married. Doesn't seem possible that the little baby girl with the full dark head of hair who cried all of the time could be old enough to walk down the aisle, but she is. The day was filled with symbolism, Jewish tradition and was perfect, and she is so happy with her new husband. I could't ask for more. May they always be as happy and in love as they are right this minute.

And the year ahead, well, I hope it brings happiness to all who celebrated with me Sunday evening, especially my husband who deserves to find satisfaction and enjoyment in his work. For Rachel, I hope that college life continues to bring learning and fun, even more so now that a special someone will be with her in Lawrence. For my mother I wish for good health and less pain. Mike and Kristy, I hope you both find the same satisfaction and success that I wished for Boyd. I KNOW that you'll have that in watching Colin and Allison grow.

For me, I wish for a year of creative growth, and the ability to toss down the ties that bind up my mind, and to be able to go with the creative flow. I hope I can let loose and experiment and start to find my visual voice and style. Finding those will naturally lead to all of the other things I hope to achieve—success with my painting, more avenues for licensing, and a sense of accomplishment and satisfaction.

Thanks to Boyd, Hannah, Rachel, Dann and Gordon who planned and executed such a fun evening. Thanks to Mom, Mike and Kristy, Colin and Allison for flying in to celebrate with me! And thanks to ALL of my friends who were there and those who couldn't be. There are many beautiful, awe-inspiring places on this Earth, but none of them would be the right place for me to be without all of the PEOPLE, my family and friends, my community, who listen and give and love.