Photo Play in Carmel, Indiana

We went on a road trip a couple of weekends ago, bringing all of the wedding presents to the newlyweds. I brought along my "big" camera, but so often it's just too big to carry around. Having the iPhone in my pocket is so convenient and the cool apps make picture taking even more fun. Even when I'm shooting photos of everyday "stuff" apps like Toy Camera and Hipstamatic give me interesting artsy pics. Carmel is a cool town and provided some good subject matter, especially around the Arts and Design District. We had a great dinner at Woodys Library Restaurant, where the menus were inside volumes of old encyclopedias. Very fun! H & D are lucky to be living in such a cool place. Enjoy the pics!

More travel pics

I had such a nice, relaxing trip but haven't taken the time to post some more photos. Here are a few more of my favorite shots.

An iPhone is a very convenient way to snap pics unobtrusively.

A room with a view... in several directions.

Allison weighs herself at the Museum of Natural History.

Colin is a dinosaur aficionado.

Rachel is excited about the arrival of her pizza.

The Jacobs-Bolter Family in Times Square.

One of my favorite places on Earth.

I'll have shots from the trip home tomorrow. I hope.

All Aboard!

Last Wednesday morning I left on a train from KC headed to New York. After several hours to Chicago, several more wandering the streets of Chicago during a lay over, and then an overnight train to New York, I arrived Thursday evening. The scenery was amazing and the trip so relaxing. I read and slept and stared out the window listening to great music. I took pictures at Millennium Park and the Art Institute's garden. I watched the small towns and big cities slide past my window and admired the various landscapes of our country.