Trying something new

The house is quiet today and the sun has been shining in the studio window—a good atmosphere for artistic challenges. I'm playing with some new materials and working toward an important goal—Hannah and Dann's ketubah. I've allowed lots of time to get it right—almost four months. I think I'll probably need every minute of that four months!

Today after a trip to my favorite store and a purchasing a basket of fun supplies, I'm experimenting with pan pastels, watercolors, colored pencils, pointed pen and Hebrew calligraphy lettered with gouache on bristol board and hot press watercolor paper. My thoughts thus far? I really like the pan pastels but I think the watercolors may work best for this application on the hot press paper. Surprisingly, the Hebrew is looking good, but the English spacing is tight. I have found a pointed nib I like—the Nikko G3 is working very well and not catching on the paper at all. But, now I'm thinking I should try a flat nib to see if it coordinates better with the Hebrew. Guess that means I need to make another trip back to that store. ;-)