More travel pics

I had such a nice, relaxing trip but haven't taken the time to post some more photos. Here are a few more of my favorite shots.

An iPhone is a very convenient way to snap pics unobtrusively.

A room with a view... in several directions.

Allison weighs herself at the Museum of Natural History.

Colin is a dinosaur aficionado.

Rachel is excited about the arrival of her pizza.

The Jacobs-Bolter Family in Times Square.

One of my favorite places on Earth.

I'll have shots from the trip home tomorrow. I hope.

My Faithful Assistant

I read today about a dog who called 911 when his human was having a seizure. Dogs are truly amazing creatures. I can't begin to imagine life without Pearl. She's my constant companion, curled up under my desk all day long.

This pic was taken with my long awaited iPhone! Maybe I'll blog more now that I have such an easy tool to use.