Spring Break: Chicago!

Boyd, Rachel and I had a great time in Chicago. We took the train from KC, an easy, relaxing trip. Good time to catch some sleep, read and watch the world go by.

I am in love with Chicago. It is a city rich with art, culture, beautiful architecture and history. I didn't expect to be blown away by the Chicago Cultural Center. The intricate mosaic work throughout the building was stunning. The beautiful music of a string quintet rehearsing for concert later in the afternoon enhanced the experience while I shot gobs of photos under the Tiffany dome.

The two and a half hour wait at Hot Doug's was worth every minute! We had a blast meeting other crazy people who waited for the best hot dogs in the city. The weather was perfect and the company of new friends even better! The service was so friendly even after the hours they spent serving hundreds of people. And, the hot dogs and fries were AMAZING!

After leaving Chicago we took the train to Galesburg, rented a car and drove to Peoria to visit Bradley University. Sunday night we had dinner with a great friend and sports nut, Josh Simon, who did a great sell on Peoria, Bradley and Congregation Anshai Emeth. He also took us to see the Peoria Holocaust Memorial a very moving exhibit of 11 million buttons dedicated to those who were murdered.

The day at Bradley was very fun. Everyone was so friendly: the Hillel president, the admissions staff, the tour guide and the professors of Spanish and Education we met with. Rachel LOVED Bradley so much that she wanted to sign up on the spot. She'll be a Bradley Brave in the Fall, class of 2013.

I wish I'd taken more pictures! We saw so many other things that I didn't capture. Second City (what a great, fun late night show!!!), walking around Bucktown, Navy Pier, Michigan Avenue, Big Bowl, Gino's East all made for the best memories. Even the cabbies were fantastic. One guy was so nice–he actually turned off the meter during a ride because we were having the nicest of conversations. What a great ambassador for the city of Chicago! The Windy City may be cold in temperature, but the people were the warmest we've met. A blast of a Spring Break all around and the big college decision was made! Yay!