Today is Rachel's first day of classes as a college student.

During orientation we made a shopping stop at the bookstore for the all-important KU gear.

Last Sunday we got her moved and settled into the dorm and she met Korinne, her roomate.

Her cute Dad hauled the REALLY heavy stuff.

The bed seems to be comfortable enough.

Her cello seems happy there, and there's lots of wall space/bulletin board space for decorating.

Pictures of friends and family were strung over the bed.

It was hard to say good-bye to the boyfriend.

The home stretch!

It's been a busy week. I got Rachel off to Guatemala for the week with Spanish students from school, after shopping and packing and more shopping. She'll be staying tonight and the next couple of days with a host family immersed in Guatemalan culture and Spanish language. What an amazing opportunity!

Now the focus of the next two days is finishing up my preparation for the Boulder Jewish Festival. I've got three new 12 x 12 paintings just varnished and drying. After adding the hanging hardware tomorrow I'll shoot them and then it'll just be the last odds and ends. I need to do a bit of shopping to find something fun to wear to the fair, along with packing up the tubs and double-checking my lists.

I'll post better pictures of these tomorrow after they've been shot.

I'm hoping for cool, sunny weather in Colorado this weekend and lots of people interested in Jewish art!

It's really happening

My baby is graduating. I spent the day designing and printing party invitations, and then stuffing envelopes with announcements and senior photos. They'll go out in the mail tomorrow and then there's no turning back. We'll celebrate her 18th birthday and the end of high school, which has been a very fun, exciting time for Boyd and me. In August she'll head off to Peoria to study Spanish Teacher Education at Bradley University. In the meantime, I'll enjoy watching her head off to prom Saturday night with a great group of friends, celebrate at the orchestra banquet, finish up the last few weeks of school and rejoice at her accomplishments these past four years, and the 14 wonderful years before those. Mingled with all of the excitement will be tears—both of joy and sadness. Time has gone much too fast and I'm not ready to give her up. I don't know if I ever will be.