Moving to something new

I worked TOO hard on the pomegranate and overworked it, especially in the cast shadow. So, I'm going back to something a bit more safe. Another in the mosaic series, a new burning bush is on the easel right now. I blocked in a lot of the color areas tonight while chatting with my favorite 17 year old. Can't think of a nicer way to spend an evening. More photos to come as this progresses.

She shot a nice picture of me earlier this evening and I thought I'd share it, too.

Experiment with video!

With all that I've learned so far at the smARTist Telesummit this week, I felt compelled to put more of it into action. So, I figured out how to make the video of the images with the music in the background, then put it on YouTube and Facebook and here on the blog. It's truly amazing and really mind-blowing what the internet enables us to do.

I hope you'll enjoy the pictures and find the music of Dan Nichols and E18hteen to be inspirational to your creative process. Share your comments with me.

Back to the easel

I finally got back to painting again. I was inspired to do it by the “Integrated Art” Jewish Journey Group at my synagogue. The group’s purpose was for artists or creatives working in any media to meet for five weeks and find creative inspiration. The first night I went we studied a Torah portion about Jacob and his instructions to his son’s for his burial in a particular cave upon his death. We did a meditation on the cave in order to stimulate some visual imagery. This painting was my contribution based on that activity. The best thing about the group is that it got me painting again.

One of the creative issues we discussed seems to be so universal, but at the same time, you always feel so isolated in these thoughts–no one else could possibly feel the same way. Everyone has the “hump” to get over. I wouldn’t have found this out unless I’d been invited to participate in this great group, and made myself do it even though I avoid sharing my thoughts and feeling in this way. That was my first hurdle and it was successful. The second was forcing myself to get past the fear of failure. That blank white canvas or sheet of paper seems to scream for perfection, but I realize now that’s not true. A wasted canvas is not the end of the world, in fact, it’s a stepping stone or opportunity for growth and learning. I got past that hump and sat down to paint. Thanks to Keren, Travis, Tammy, Janet and Judy for helping me to learn this lesson. They’ve also jump-started my flow of ideas–watch for more to come!