New toys

Actually, new tools is what they are. I bought some cool, new brushes for Photoshop and Painter from John Derry (one of the original authors of Corel Painter), and I've been trying them out on some projects for 123Print. I'm liking them very much! The Photoshop brushes make Photoshop behave much like Painter, which simplifies my workflow considerably. Everything I do in Painter I have to bring into Photoshop anyway, so now I can do it all in one place. Here are a few things I've tried...

While I was watching (I guess listening really) to one of John's videos about using the Dry Media Brushes, I painted along, too, in Photoshop. He painted an apple and I decided that was a good place to start just for fun.
Having completed that, I thought I'd try out the brushes on some real work...
The cover and inside to holiday greeting cards went very smoothly and the client approved!
So, I tried again...
And, again they liked the result.
John's Artist Brushes for Photoshop and Watercolor Brushes for Corel Painter are equally as cool! And, when buying one of these, I messed up—hadn't had my first morning cup of coffee yet. I contacted John and heard back right away with a fix for my problem. From his emails he sounds like a great guy!
Thanks for the help John, and keep those new toys... er... tools coming!

I'm back

It was brought to my attention today that I haven't blogged since the day my baby started college. (Guess it means that at least one person out there reads this thing.) Funny, cause I've been thinking the same thing. Seems I should have more time now to do things like this. But, I've had a very busy several months. Much of that time has been devoted to doing a lot of greeting cards for 123Print. They have been great to work with and keep me as busy as I want to be, or even more so. We're getting ready to start on a new project for Bloomnet, a subsidiary of 1800Flowers, that sells products to florists all over the US to help them run their business. It's an enormous project expected to go live at the end of March on their website. So I guess I'm gearing up for a few crazy months.

The last several months have been spent running back and forth to Lawrence quite a bit for some terrific KU Symphony Orchestra concerts (and trying out various restaurants around town). Rachel is doing great at KU as she's settled into the college-life routine, and orchestra is a big part of that. She rehearses three times a week and has a private lesson each week as well, not to mention a fast and furious concert schedule. It has been sooooo nice to be able to watch her perform with with orchestra. We're both so glad she wound up staying close to home and we're very proud of her.

While waiting for the details of that new 123Print project I'm spending a little time working on wedding invitations and a ketubah. Just a few sketches done at this point, nothing I'm ready to share. But we do have a direction to head and I'm just praying it all comes together on paper the way it's shaping up in my head. There are so many more details that have to come together too before July 11th. I think I might just lose my mind!

There is more to share from the past several months and I really am going to try to catch up over the next few weeks. I know—don't make a promise you won't keep. Well, I'm not promising anything, but I really want to try. For someone who doesn't feel very confident about writing and sharing my work, this blog has become something I enjoy, even if only one person does read it. So good-bye for now, but not too long this time (I hope).