Copper Pendant Saga

I love these copper bezels but getting something to work hasn't been easy. I tried polymer resin a few times with varying degrees of limited success. First I hadn't sealed the images well enough before filling the bezels with the resin and the images discolored. Bubbles were a problem too–lots of them! Then there's the smell of the resin and the worry about what it was doing to my brain cells. Lord knows I can't afford to lose any more of those.

Yesterday I got a new product in the mail, Amazing Glaze. I've tried it out a couple of times this morning, and think I've finally found the way to go. It comes in a powder that melts in a toaster oven. Got bubbles? Simply reheat with a heat gun and watch the bubbles pop. Not enough powder? Sprinkle on some more and stick it back in the oven. After only about 10 minutes to cool and set it's ready to wear!

I suppose it isn't as indestructible as the polymer resin, but these pendants aren't worth losing sleep, or brain cells, over! Now if the supplier could get more of those bezels back in stock I'd really be in business.

The first one is already listed in my Etsy shop. More on the way.