Working night and day

The last two weeks have been spent designing business cards, stationery and greeting cards for a new client. It’s enjoyable work and is helping to pay the bills while Boyd finds another job. The company seems great to work for, too-yay! These are a few of the things of done recently.

I also thought I’d post some final pictures of finished paintings.

This is one I’ve had sitting around for quite a while unfinished. I finally got it out and put the finishing touches on it for the Dead Sea Scrolls exhibit. It’s one of the few without religious symbolism–something I need to try more often.

The next five are ones I posted earlier while in progress. These are the finished paintings and I’m please with the way they turned out. In fact two have already sold!

Since I’ve spent so much time at the computer the last couple of weeks, transitioning back to the easel seems difficult. It’s hard to pick back up again–thus writing a blog post is a good way to procrastinate. But, I have got to get a couple of new commissioned pieces done. So, as hard as it is to pull myself away from the computer, I know that once I get going I’ll start rolling along. It’s the starting that’s the hard part. Ok, here I go…. 1….2….3….. ok, no more putting it off. Here I go!

Ok. Now!