Meet Me Under the Clock

On February 7th I had a most exciting opportunity! The Dead Sea Scrolls exhibit has come to Kansas City and Union Station, a very important event for our community, costing millions of dollars. A gala opening event was planned for all of the major benefactors, complete with a ribbon cutting by the mayor. I was asked to participate in the gala opening festivities, an incredible Middle-Eastern Marketplace created in the lobby of Union Station, where artists’ wares were displayed for those waiting to enter the exhibit.

Directly “under the clock,” my paintings were on view for over 1300 people to see in a setting draped with cloth, filled with plants, the smells and sounds of a Bedouin market and people wearing authentic costumes. What an amazing opportunity for an artist to introduce their work to art lovers from the community!

It was thrilling just to be a part of such an event. I went in with no expectations for sales. I was blown away by the comments of people who viewed my work and the number of sales I made. The event was such a success and created a wonderful prelude to viewing the main event that vendors were asked to return throughout the rest of the weekend.

I spent the next four days with six of the returning vendors and had a great time. Not only was the exposure terrific, but so was getting to know my talented colleagues: Limor Katz-Evans, Ella Klara; Mia Rosado, Mia Rosado Jewelry; Val Ostarch, Adventurous Jewelry and Artifacts; Barbara Scott, Monegaw Springs Natural Soap; Mark from 5B&Co. Candlemakers; and Eileen Smith, Nassi Art.

Thanks to Gayle Krigel, Keitha Kaminski, Andi Udris (President and CEO of Union Station) and all of the Union Station staff for inviting me to be a part of this incredible event!