Illustration Friday: Tea

Here’s my contribution to Illustration Friday. I haven’t done it for sooooo long–it feels great to be doing it again! It’s hard to sit down and paint when I’ve not done it for a while. It’s scary to face that blank sheet of paper or empty document. I always feel so much pressure to get it right the first time. I don’t give myself the luxury of making mistakes or failing. I have to get over the “hump,” but I can’t always make myself do it. I have to get past that and let myself off the hook.

Doing thhis was very fun and rather theraputic. Especially after the last couple of months. My sister-in-law died a horrible death in mid-December and left us all feeling lost and down. Then I had a heart attack while at an out of town convention with the youth group for which I am the advisor. Talk about scary. I didn’t think the 250 teens I was with were causing the chest pain, though sometimes it feels that way. Now it’s all a blur and I can’t remember much. But, it was a life changing event and has made me realize I can’t take life or health for granted. I can’t sit around and wait to feel safe about starting an illustration or painting. I just have to dive right in and get started. Life may be shorter than we anticipate.