Illustration Friday: Nourishment

Having gotten over the hump of creating a blog with a name and committing to trying it out, I guess it's time to push the envelope a bit further. So, I've decided to make my first entry to Illustration Friday. Nourishment can mean so many things to different people. Although I would have to say that I could eat ice cream every day for breakfast, lunch and dinner, right now at this point in my life I am looking for a deeper kind of nourishment--something to fill the spirit rather than my never satisfied stomach.

As an ever-evolving Jew, I've come to feel more connected to the wisdom of Torah over the last several years. Last year a very special friend asked me to create this piece for her graduating high school daughter. This illustration not only expresses the spiritual nourishment of Torah, but it is important to me because the friendship nourishes me too. Her courageous and committed actions inspire me during times when I feel lost and without direction.

And so, although it is not a new illustration created for Illustration Friday, it is a big step for me. Having the strength to place my art "out there" for everyone to see comes from Barbara (and David), my friends.